Team Looi

Aaron Kaplan, Jacky Talpalar and Gary Cohen make up Team Looi.  All three have families of their own, with a love for children and yes, a delight in the magical world of content creation for kids.  Their like-minded approach, along with their passion and dedication to excellence in all they do, makes them an excellent and highly effective team.   What's more , they have a great deal of fun in the process

These guys love what they do and are committed to delivering, a wholesome and quality, audio visual experience, carefully crafted to the specific needs of babies and toddlers in a highly compelling and joyful manner. 

Jacky Talpalar

With over 25 years’ experience in CGI, stereoscopy, compositing and new media technology, it is fair to say that Jacky is a pioneer of 3D animation.  He is highly talented, creative and skilled animator, specialising in CGI, SFX, 3D Animation, production and directing.  He was the recipient of a prestigeous international prize for his work on the TV commercial for Osem, "Ketchup Boys".  He has his own animation studio Gadget 3D, which provides 3D animation for the top production companies and content creators.

Aaron Kaplan

Aaron has been a creator of content and director of children's, and educational TV for over twenty years, with a slate of successful programmes and series to his credit.  You might say that Aaron grew up in TV, starting as a child actor then moving on to create and direct some of Israeli television’s best loved programmes.  He was the Chief Director at The Children’s channel for 13 years and possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in children’s programming.   In addition Aaron is an award winning director and content creator.   Production companies and broadcasters have entrusted Aaron with major productions across all genres, where he has overseen such successes, as Survivor, Sesame Street, The Tonight Show and more.  Aaron has produced and directed across all technical forms of media including, 3D, Animation, Hologram, Rides, Interactive and more, always involved with the creative and content aspects of projects, for top producers and channel, as well as, as an independent producer through his own production company.

Gary Cohen

Gary is an accomplished writer, director, producer and content creator across a variety of media. Most recently he has been VP Creative at Digitial Advertising Agency, Kendago.  He is also an award winning documentary film maker.  Gary has a diverse history and a wealth of experience in both international business, education and the arts.  Before moving into the creative world, Gary had a successful business career with a background in investment banking and consulting.  He left the corporate world to train as an actor, spending three years at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute n NYC. He then worked in theatre, both acting and directing in New York and London, before getting involved in writing and film making.  He has also consulted to companies, politicians and business professionals on media and communication. In Looi, Gary found a project where he is able to leverage and combine his considerable knowledge and experience of both, the creative and commercial worlds. For Gary Looi is very much a labour of love.