Introducing the Looi Plush Doll

Now you can enjoy cuddling and playing with Looi as much as you love watching him and his friends

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Looi Plush Doll
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Designed with safety in mind

What mom and dad have to say...


"I feel like Looi is a part of my family now because we watch him every night. Looi has helped our daughter in ways you cannot imagine, he speaks to her even though he never says a word."


“Our 18 month old son has loved Looi since day one. It soothes him so much.”  


“We love Looi! We just discovered the Looi YouTube channel, and I'm so glad. The gentle images and music are perfect for settling down before nap time


“We can always count on Looi for a smile, even when he's sick.”  


"Whenever my 20m old daughter hears the opening music for Looi she could bust an eardrum with her scream of excitement."


"Our daughter looooves Looi, she had a Looi cake, & Looi marathon running on the TV at her 1st Birthday party. I hope to one day see Looi toys, and all his animal friends"

Ashley Nicole

Please please, from the bottom of my mommy heart, please continue making Looi episodes. My 2 month old daughter loves the show!

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The Looi Plush Doll is finally here!